Woman in The Park One of Summer's Anticipated Thrillers

It was so exciting to find out that The Woman in the Park made Shereads.com most anticipated thrillers of summer 2019 list. The writer Garrett (Gare), is the voice behind @gareindeedreads and contributing writer for the popular blog Shereads.com.  Gare loves to watch movies based on the books he's read Casting who he thinks would make great characters in the books he reads, Gare loves sharing his passion for movies and books with the world. So when he said that he absorbed the plot and is so excited we were thrilled. "I have a soft spot for debut novels and with a plot like this one and with Sorkin’s experience in film and television, I am anticipating one hell of a cinematic suspense novel that will completely blow readers out of the water." Gare writes. He continues to say that " Between the tense plot, the setting and the unexpected twists and turns, this is the perfect novel to soak up the last of the summer days before Labor Day hits!" We can't wait to see who Gare sees as the cast for our novel. We have some ideas ourselves but waiting for him to weigh in.

Click on link below to read the article of all the amazing books including ours that have made the list.


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