The Woman in the Park

The Woman in the ParkThe Woman in the ParkThe Woman in the ParkThe Woman in the Park most anticipated thrillers of summer 2019 list

 "A delightfully complex mystery with a compelling protagonist."

Kirkus Reviews (starred)

"The Woman In the Park will have you addicted, consuming one chapter after another until you reach its chilling conclusion."

Megan Collins, Author "The Winter Sister"

"Go Ahead. Scan the horizon for clues. Become obsessed. Have a great time. Read it twice. (I did.)

Rebecca Coffey, Author, Hysterical:Anna Freud's Story

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The Woman In The Park


The Woman in the Park

The Woman in the Park is a spine-tingling read that makes you question all your assumptions from one page to the next. Imagine if The Girl on the Train and The Hours had a baby, it would be The Woman in the Park. Part Thriller, part literary homage. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Adam Mitzner, Author, A Matter of Will 

 "Like a Rubik's cube, The Woman in the Park, twists the perception of reality and fantasy, keeping the reader hooked and curiously searching for the solution. Intriguing, intelligent and multifaceted."

Vera Nostrum, Author & Playwright, All is as it Should Be. 


Nothing is quite as it seems in this debut thriller that echoes noir classics, When Manhattanite Sarah Rock meets a mysterious and handsome stranger in the park, she is drawn to him. Sarah wants to get away from her daily routine, her cheating husband and his crazy mistress, her frequent sessions with her heartless therapist, and her moody children.

Her life begins to unravel when a woman from the park goes missing and Sarah becomes the prime suspect in the woman’s disappearance. Her lover is nowhere to be found, her husband is suspicious of her, and her therapist is talking to the police. With no one to trust, Sarah must face her inner demons and uncover the truth to prove her innocence.


A thriller that questions what is real-with its shocking twists, secrets, 

lies and a shocking ending that will leave the reader breathless. 

Published by Beaufort Books 

available for purchase wherever books are sold. 



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